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Stuck in the Middle

It’s been six years since I played Final Fantasy X, so I decided to throw it in for old times sake. Now, after over 12 hours of playtime, I find myself stuck at the exact same part that I was when I first played it all those yars ago.

It’s not a boss fight or a challenging puzzle. Nothing like that at all. I still make a little bit of progress everytime I play. However, everytime I reach a savepoint, I find myself Blitzball mode. For those who aren’t in the know, Blitzball is the mini-game they added to the game with no real purpose other than kill more time. It’s like rugby mixed with waterpolo.

And it’s addicting! I don’t know why either. It’s fun, but not in an all encompassing way. It’s not particulaly quick, with each match being roughly 15 minutes to play. Yet, I find myself playing it everytime I switch my game on.

The last time I got stuck in this loop, I’d played Blitzball everyday for two weeks, making absolutely no headway in the story. This time, it might even be longer, given how little game time I get these days.

Eventually, the novelty of it will wear off and I can continue on with the storyline. I can only wonder how many hours will be consumed by the silly game.

I guess that makes me a fool for Blitzball as well.

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