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Enter: The Fool

I am a fool of life.  A fool of love.  A fool in many things.

That’s not to say that I consider myself to be a stupid man.  The word fool is often synonymous with stupidity but that isn’t the case here.  However, I often do foolish things, as common sense and I haven’t been on speaking terms since I was just a wee fool.

I love to laugh and to share that laughter, so a fool am I.  I believe that the world and everything in it can be made light of if a person is open-minded enough to view things that way.  It’s all a matter on how you look at things.  Even the tragedies and dramas in the world aren’t immune to a fool’s touch.

It’s always been my belief that life is too short to take too seriously.  A life without laughter is a life without joy.  I don’t allow bad luck and poor judgement to keep me down for long and usually find someway to make light of it somehow.  Usually.

Some people have told me that I need to take life a little more seriously but I look at their lives, with their stress and worries, and I keep on my own path.  The people who take life seriously are often filled with anger and hatred, allowing it to affect their day to day lives.  That’s not for me.  I don’t do well with constant stress.

So I’ll continue to laugh at the little things, the big things, and all the things between.  And maybe I’ll share those laughs with you, if you’d like.  This is how I see the world.

And if I’m wrong, more the fool am I.

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